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Pre-Travel Tips Before Traveling to Film in Israel

Top Tips for Filmmakers Planning a Production Trip

Israel, where traditional film industry charm meets cutting-edge digital technology, is a top choice for professional video productions. With its diverse locations, multilingual culture, and professional film crews, Israel is a must-visit destination for any filmmaker. Discover everything you need to know before embarking on your video production journey in Israel, including visa requirements, security measures, filming locations, climate, and how to connect with FilmFixer to make your production successful.


Visa Requirements: 

Before traveling to Israel, it's essential to understand the visa requirements. Citizens from over 100 countries can enter Israel without a visa, but certain countries require a visa before arrival. In addition, the duration of the stay depends on the visitor's nationality and the purpose of their visit. Check the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for detailed information on visa requirements and how to apply. 


Airport Security Measures: 

Israel's airport security measures are renowned for their effectiveness and commitment to ensuring the safety of travelers. We recommend obtaining a letter from your trusted local production service provider, such as FilmFixer, to streamline the security process. This letter will certify the nature and purpose of your visit, allowing for a smoother and more efficient security check by being well-prepared and understanding the significance of these security measures. 


Choosing Your Production Base:

 Israel is relatively small, and the distance between most locations is shorter than expected. Tel Aviv and her surrounding cities (Gush Dan) are the hubs of Israel's film industry, with most rental houses and crew members in the city. Tel Aviv's cosmopolitan atmosphere, stunning beaches, top-notch restaurants, and bustling nightlife make it an ideal location for international productions. In addition to Tel Aviv, other popular sites to consider are :

  • Jerusalem (1-hour drive from Tel Aviv)

  • Dead Sea (2 hours drive from Tel-Aviv)

  • Sea of Galilee (1.5-hour drive from Tel Aviv)

  • Eilat (red sea) (4-hour drive from Tel Aviv)

Filming Locations:

Israel's topography presents various filming locations suitable for diverse productions, ranging from historical sites and picturesque nature to bustling urban centers and contemporary architecture. Among these, Jerusalem offers a popular filming location with its rich historic sites and labyrinthine alleys. Additionally, the Dead Sea, with its distinct landscapes and natural splendor, provides a unique setting for filming. The Nebi Musa desert, located 90 minutes from Tel Aviv, offers panoramic vistas and endless skies for those seeking desert locations. The Sea of Galilee, on the other hand, presents a picturesque backdrop ideal for filming. Our team can assist you in identifying the most appropriate locations to bring your vision to life.


Climate for Filming: 

The climate of Israel is well-suited for outdoor filming endeavors. The region features hot and sun-drenched summers marked by clear skies, which extend from April through October, and a winter season that experiences fewer days of shallow temperatures or rainfall, thus enabling shooting throughout the year.


FilmFixer: Your One-Stop Shop for Production Services in Israel

If you require assistance with video production services in Israel, FilmFixer can provide valuable aid through its expertise in location scouting, film permits, an Israeli video production crew, and the rental of Israeli production equipment. Additionally, our adept team of FilmFixers is equipped to guide you through the intricacies of shooting a video production in Israel, ensuring a seamless and successful production process from inception to conclusion. 

  • If there is essential information you are missing here, please let us know.

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