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Camera Package Rental

Camera Package Rental


The items in the equipment package are based on our cumulative experience in small foreign productions.

However; if you need a different specification, you can be impressed with the prices of the various rental houses:Update us on what your specific needs are, and we would be happy to build the best equipment package for you.

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    Sony F-5 PL mount

    Sony FS7 MK2   E/EF/PL mount

    Sony A7s MK2 E/EF/PL mount

    Panasonic Varicam LT EF/PL mount

    Panasonic S1H  EF/PL mount

    BlackMagic 6K Pocket cinema EF/PL mount




    Zeiss CP 3 XD Full Frame T 2.1 PL mount , prime lenses set of 5 lenses;


    Tokina Vista Full Frame T 1.5 PL mount, prime lenses set of 6 lenses; 18,25,35,50,85,100mm

    Angeniuex DP T 2.8 PL mount    16-42mm, 30-80mm

    Sony 18-110 T4 E mount

    Sony 28-135 T4 Emount Full Frame

    Canon 16-35 L T2.8 Full Frame

    Canon 17-55 L T2.8

    Canon 24-70 MK2  L T2.8 Full Frame

    Canon 24-105 L T4 Full Frame

    Canon 70-200 MK2 L T2.8 Full Frame

    Samyang prime set of 5 lenses EF mount: 16,24,35,50,85mm Full Frame (excluding 16mm)


    Camera accessories:


    Tripod set 100/150mm

    2 x 17" field monitor Sony/Panasonic/Atomos Sumo

    1x On board monitor TV logic/Bon/Small Hd/Atomos

    LWS follow focus

    Mattbox  4x5.65

    Laptop for downloads+card reader

    Tilta wireless Focus system 2 Motors

    Wireless video HDMI/SDI




    Zoom H4/F8 recorder Or Wendt 4 channel mixer

    Senheisser MKH 416/MKH 60 condenser mic w/zeppelin

    Boom pole+ cabls

    2x wireless Lavaliere mic



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