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Take control of your video production with Israeli Film Fixers.

Welcome to FilmFixer Israel, your go-to destination for exceptional video production services in Israel. We are a team of creative and experienced professionals specializing in providing remote and stellar video production services for international clients. With our unique deployment across sunny Israel, we are committed to delivering cost-effective, seamless, and unrivaled video production services.

At FilmFixer, we aim to help you take complete control of your filming without compromising quality while ensuring it's within your means. Our unique deployment across Israel makes us the ideal choice for seamless and unrivaled video production services. Our services cover various video productions such as digital content, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, crew hires, educational videos, and television films.
As one of the leading production services in Israel, we respond to the needs and requirements of our clients. We know that our success is strongly linked to the success of our clients, so we leverage our expertise to meet their needs and ensure their complete satisfaction.


Our range of services is tailored to meet our client's personalized needs, so whatever you require, we can provide it. Our services include quality broadcasts from shooting days and scouting, logistical support, facilitating location permits, video production, dealing with customs/carnet, talent casting, and rentals (cameras, lenses, lighting, grip, and sound equipment). Additionally, we also arrange accommodation, transportation insurance, and VAT reimbursement.

Our team comprises skilled videographers, directors, editors, and photographers with a wealth of experience in every detail of production's technical and creative aspects. In addition, we work hand in hand with relevant stakeholders to provide concept development, pre-production, filming, and post-production services within your budget.

At FilmFixer, we understand that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted "normal filming." That's why we've created a platform that enables you to plan and allocate everything you need for remote video production without compromising quality.

Choose FilmFixer for the best production services in Israel, and let us help you take complete control of your filming needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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