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Take control of your video production with Israeli Film Fixers.

Filmmaking in foreign countries presents unique challenges, and openness and transparency with your local production service are essential to achieving the best result. With that in mind, we have developed FilmFixer as a user-friendly platform that streamlines planning and resource allocation for video production needs. 

We can connect you with skilled videographers, directors, editors, and photographers. Our production team can provide complete and specific production services, including logistical support, location permits, talent casting, and equipment rental (cameras, lenses, lighting, grips, and sound equipment). Furthermore, we arrange accommodation, transportation insurance, and VAT reimbursement. 


The FilmFixer platform helps you control your filming budget and quality without sacrificing either. Our experience includes digital content, commercials, testimonials, music videos, corporate videos, HR hires, educational videos, and television films. Our success is strongly linked to that of our clients. 


 Contact us today to learn more, and let us help you take complete control of your filming needs.

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