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Useful Information about Israel

all you need to know about productions in israel

Perfect weather, multilingual culture, variety of locations nearby, diverse cast, and professional crew members make Israel a friendly place for your film and video production.

The combination between an old school film industry and high tech digital culture enables you all the solution you will need with a verity of equipment and professional crew.

Most of the crew members and the rental houses are in Tel Aviv. A cosmopolitan city, the beautiful beaches, excellent restaurant, vibrant nightlife, and safe street at any hour of the day make the city a recommended base for most of the international production.

Hot and sunny summers characterize the climate in Israel with clear skies from April to October. The winter is reasonably dry, with no extreme low temperatures.

The Israeli market is a western well organize market, most of the crew members are unionized, work is regulated, the major cities have film and tv commission and the production are insurance, the main  point you should know:

  • VAT 17% reimbursed for all production expenses excluding Food, Transportation, and Hotels.

  • Most of the cites require permits for shooting, which need to submit ten days before.

  • A shoot day in Israel is a 12 hours day – including half an hour for the breakfast and one hour break for lunch.

  • The working days in Israel are from Sunday till Thursday If we shoot on Friday, it's a 10-hour working day up to 15:00. All closed after Shabat is on from 15:00 Friday till Sunday morning out of the parties & the restaurants and a few stores. 

  • Children's working day is limited to 4-6 hours, depends on the age. School kids can start after school time (12-13:00) and must to end not later then 20:00 — paperwork at around five working days.

  • ​Jerusalem - 45 minutes drive

  • Desert (Nebi Musa) - 75 minutes

  • Hafia - 1 hour

  • Galil sea - 1.5 hours

  • Dead sea - 2 hours


Productions Insurance is a standard and required by most of the cities (permits) and the locations. The standard production policy should cover liability, work-related accidents, and filmed items specified in the policy request. Please note:

  • Usually, foreign crew members should be cover by there traveling policy.

  • Deductible in most policy is around 3000$

  • Damages caused by the illness of key members from the Israeli crew are covered only when a doctor's approval submitted before the shot day.

  • If there is essential information you are missing here, please let us know.