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Filming Permits in Israel

Navigating the Process

Are you planning to shoot your next film on location in Israel? With its beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, Israel can provide the perfect backdrop for your production. However, filming on location also comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to obtaining the necessary permits. This guide will examine the permit process and provide some tips.


Why Do You Need a Permit?

Before you start filming in Israel, obtaining the appropriate permits is crucial. You can avoid being fined or having your production shut down. The purpose of these permits is to ensure that filming is carried out safely and without disrupting the public.


Types of Permits

Different types of permits are required for filming in Israel, depending on the location and type of production. The most common permit is the location permit, which allows you to film in a specific area for a set amount of time.

Suppose you plan to film on a city street. In that case, you must obtain permits from the city municipality .in a national park or nature reserve; you must obtain a permit from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority if you are filming on a historical or religious site. You will need a permit from the Antiquities Authority or the religious body controlling the site.


The Process of Obtaining Permits

The process of obtaining a permit in Israel can vary depending on the location and type of production. However, there are some general steps that you can expect to take:

  • Plan Ahead: It’s essential to plan your shoot well in advance and identify the locations you will use. This will help you determine the permits you need and the agencies you must contact.

  • Contact the Appropriate Authorities: Once you have identified the necessary permits, you or your local FilmFixer must contact the appropriate authorities. This may include the local municipality, the Israel Film Fund, or the Antiquities Authority.

  • Provide Necessary Information: When you apply for a permit, you must provide information about your production, such as the dates, times, and locations of your shoot. You may also be asked to provide a script, storyboards, and a budget.


Tips for Success

To ensure a smooth and successful filming experience in Israel, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Work with a Local Fixer: A local fixer, such as, can be invaluable in navigating the permit process and ensuring your shoot runs smoothly.

  • Get Local Insurance: It’s essential to have local insurance as required in most permits. For more information regarding insurance for foreign production, you can contact us.

  • Respect the Culture: Israel has a rich history and culture, and it’s essential to respect the sites you are filming in and the people you encounter during your shoot.

  • Follow the Rules: Finally, be sure to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the authorities. This will ensure a safe and successful shoot for everyone involved.


Obtaining filming permits in Israel may seem daunting. Still, with some knowledge and preparation, it can be easily navigated. Understanding the different types of permits, the process for obtaining them, and some tips for success can help you have a successful shoot. So grab your camera, obtain your permits, and start filming! And if you need any help, remember that using a local FilmFixer could save you time and hassle. Don’t forget to submit your permit requests at least two weeks in advance. Happy filming!

  • If there is essential information you are missing here, please let us know.

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