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Tips for Video Shooting in Israel

From Permitting to Production: Navigating Filmmaking in Israel

For foreign filmmakers, Israel offers a diverse range of multilingual cultures, locations, and professional crews, making it an ideal destination for film or video production. Here are a few tips to ensure a successful and fulfilling experience; there are some essential points to consider.

Video Production Services in Israel

Israel has established a Western-style and well-organized market that facilitates easy access to production services. Additionally, most crew members in Israel are unionized, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience in video production.​


Getting the Necessary Shooting Permits

Acquiring the requisite shooting permits ensures a seamless video production experience in Israel. Therefore, obtaining these permits at least ten days before filming is important to avert any potential delays, fines, or even shoot cancellations.

Shooting Days and Working Hours

The Israeli working week is From Sunday to Thursday. Shooting days in Israel are usually 12 hours long (including a 1-hour lunch break). Shoot on Friday (or holiday eve) is a 10-hour working day and ends no later than 2 hours before sunset. After that, it's a Saturday fee (200%). 


VAT Reimbursement Policy

The Israeli Vat is 17%. If you work through a local production service In Israel, he can reimburse for most production expenses through a local company except food, transportation, and hotels, which you, as a tourist, will not be charged if you pay directly (Hotels and Car Renta) or can reimbursed in the Airport (food and transportation) keeping all receipts and invoices to claim the VAT refund is essential.

Production Insurance

Most public and private locations require production insurance, covering liability, work-related accidents, and filmed items specified in the policy request. Therefore, ensure your local production service has the proper production insurance.


* Please be aware that the medical insurance provided by the production may not cover all the international crew's health needs. It is recommended that they have private health insurance from their country of origin. This will ensure comprehensive and flexible coverage for any medical emergencies or illnesses. 

Choosing the Perfect Location

When searching for locations in Israel, it is vital to bear in mind that this is a relatively small country, and the distances between various locations are correspondingly short. Furthermore, Israel boasts a wide array of landscapes, including beaches, forests, mountains, and deserts, making it ideal for use as a backdrop for any production.


Filming in Israel can be a fantastic experience for foreign filmmakers. Still, it's important to understand the unique requirements and regulations of the country. Therefore, consulting with a local production service provider early in the planning stages is highly recommended. 


From obtaining shooting permits to location scouting and production insurance, the team at FilmFixer can handle all the logistical details so that the filmmaker can focus on their creative vision. So don't leave your production to chance - contact FilmFixer today to start planning your unforgettable film or video project in Israel.

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