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If you are a foreign journalist, filmmaker, or videographer working in Israel, FilmFixer Israel Network is here to assist you, especially during wartime. Our platform offers comprehensive support for news coverage in Israel, including journalist research, crew hires, permits, insurance, etc.


We understand the importance of capturing history amid the chaos, and our services are designed to help you focus on your work. We aim to provide a lifeline of support for journalists in Israel, ensuring you have everything you need to report the news accurately and safely.

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Remote Scouting, Permits, and Management



 Production, Technical, Makeup and Hair

Cameras, Lenses, Lights, Grip and Transportation

Our Services

We offer various services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you need help with a camera crew, researcher, logistics, translators, permits, customs and carnet, footage clearance, or equipment rentals (cameras, lenses, lighting, grip, and sound), accommodations, transportation, or insurance. We can provide it. 


In today's fast-paced, where journalism and filmmaking have taken center stage in disseminating information, we recognize the critical need for reliable and comprehensive services to support professionals like you.

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Recommendations and Testimonials

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Laura Fries, Producer

A talented producer that can handle complicated, international productions.  I had the privilege of working with Filfixer on an international remote shoot, and he exceeded expectations. Our 3-day production ran smoothly, on schedule, and the footage looked amazing.  Not only was his crew professional, but they are award-winning as well.  It was invaluable having him on as a producer, and I look forward to working with him again on future productions.

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Malcolm MacDougall, 
Owner of Salt pond Creative & keene Arts

Fantastic partner— both creatively and in business. I arrived in Israel to direct commercials, and he put together the best possible team.
He was collaborative and always found a way to get it done. There was no obstacle that he could not overcome, and he always managed to make it fun.
He creates a feeling of family within the crew, and I always look forward to returning to Israel to being with him and others who have become friends.


Andrew Paterson Writer/Producer/Director

Filmfixer set up a 5-day shoot in Israel for my TV company. They arranged a researcher, helped liaise with profiles, secured a driver/fixer, and did multiple other things to help out. He was always available before, during and after the shoot. He has a lot of knowledge about the local scene and I highly recommend him for international teams needing a local partner to help a shoot go smoothly.

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Rob Perkins, Experienced Producer of Commercials, Branded Entertainment, Promos & Docs.

Their knowledge of filmmaking from prep to post makes them a true asset to any production. It's an absolute pleasure to have worked with him.


David Hirschfield, Production Designer

I've known Filmfixer and Doron professionally for over eight years. In addition to his instinctive understanding of clients' needs, he also has a keenly developed aesthetic sense. His calm, inventive approach is an asset I don't hesitate to recommend.


Ada Solomon, film producer

I've worked with Doron and FilmFixer several times as an executive producer in Domino Film. I was always amazed by the energy, the determination & the devotion of Doron. Also, it was a pleasure to work with him as a colleague, keeping the good spirit in the team.

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